Beats on Saturday

Four tracks today! Fresh finds from the techno and house hunting grounds, suitable for a Saturday. All while staying underground, of course. You deserve no less.

Bumpz – From Jupiter

First track is of a rather melodic nature that blends properties from both tech, deep and progressive house. Lovely bassline, and that plucky synth is just as insistive as we want’em to be.

By the way, you know when you hear a track and it reminds you of something but you just can’t recall exactly what? Yeah, well I have that sensation while listening to this one. Quite frustrating actually.

Either way, it makes a cool warmup for this session!

James Wyler & Christian Bistany – Musica

We’re going deeper with this next one, from the US of A. Another crossover that delivers a classic repetitious, percussive club groove that makes the perfect backdcrop for a magical night.

An excellent track. There’s really not much to add to that, other than to suggest that you add this one to your DJ bag/ playlist too!

Olgay Neke – Moonster

Heading over to solid techno grounds with this next track, who still offer much of that same deep, percussive groove. An excellent hook is established quite fast, and like all true techno tracks it evolves around it like hyenas circling around a dying sheep.

… Ok, wtf. Where did that come from?

I dunno. This kind of music, rolling as I write, sets me in a quite trippy mood. The good kind. And this track is exactly how those should be.
It checks all boxes on my list at least – how about you?

… And while we’re on a roll, let’s do one more:

Bodacious – Onno

Oh shit, yeah baby. Ramping up the intensity now! This is peak hour material. Fantastically hypnotic, this one. The progression is juuuuust right. And when we reach roughly half way – omg the insane DRIVE!

And it just keeps building and building and pushing and pushing and… Oh yeah… May this night never end!

The two last ones were all added to our “Techno Club” playlist, while “From Jupiter” landed on our “A Progressive Underground” playlist, and “Musica” on our beloved Deep Lounge playlist.

We’d describe them all as follow-worthy. Go check’em out!