Friday Kickoff

It’s well past time to pump some beats again, after a couple of weeks with predominately downtempo material. Although, we’ll remain in the “midtempo” region. Here’s three wonderfully gloomy, dark and deep underground discoveries.
Designed for the feet as well as the mind – this is quality electronica.

Otto Krummel – Figur 1

When it comes to dance music I’ve always liked BIG tracks. Massive soundscapes, thumping basslines, lead synths as big as skyscrapers. And that’s probably why I’ve always loved breakbeat – and the bigger and badder they get the wider my grin.

Here’s a track that really is quite calm and controlled – but wonderfully dark and big footed. Lovely groove, and really well arranged. It sounds like nothing else I’ve heard in a very long time – and I’d almost forgotten mow much I’ve missed it.

We clearly hear mr Rummel UNDERSTANDS the nature of breaks. So we need to keep an eye on Otto, I got a feeling tood stuff will keep coming from that front!

Eighties Kid – Drop the Bomb

The next track is of a different genre but with a similarly dark, deep atmosphere. And very percussion focused. Not many traces of a melody line to be found here! I dig that.

And that’s no wonder: Eighties Kid can tell us that this is “the first time that I created a song with 90% of the sounds generated by the Roland TR-8S.”

Very cool track that has a kind of a timeless qulity to it. Groovy underground house.

MatteBlack – Chemical

And finally: Another wonderfully gloomy, dark, deep midtempo track that just sounds downright fantastic. The atmosphere here just hit me straight home. Just listen to this baby! The female vocals adds a bright layer that really adds to the totality too.

Lovely drive, lovely groove, exciting arrangement – this really is music both for the feet and the mind.

Otto Krummel is added to a very newly created breakbeat playlist we’ve only started building. More about that one later, when it has a bit more meat on the bones.
But Drop The Bone” is added to our “It’s HOUSE Music“, while “Chemical” went to our “Deep Lounge” list: