Power To The Peak

Here’s three dark, stomping, heavy footed tracks that’s solid material for weekend madness. These tracks here is what I want to hear at clubs. All the time, everywhere.

March 13 – Best In Me

Finally! It’s just so, so great to finally receive a breakbeat track that have the sound I’m after. The real, monstrous breakbeat bangers.

They seem to have become few and far between, nowadays.
Big constructions. Massive arrangements, massive synths, massive bass, massive beat. Big. Just… BIG.

I don’t want those whiny, wimpy breakbeats that sonds like a beat track made by dental sticks drummed on small candy boxes – I want the big bastards!
Like this one here.

Pitchy&Scratchy – 9onadic3

And if big breakbeat is not your thing then I got this one here for you. A real house club groove that just rolls and rolls… and omg – I’m peakin’!

Even though the structure is different than what’s offered in Best In Me, it’s got that same BIG sound and cool attitude. The rumbling bass. And the darkness. Where we thrive.

HNTR – Waiting Up (Reprise)

Need more energy? Alright, then you’re warmed up and ready for this one. A dark, progressive groove that at least pulls out all mental strops in this old clubber. A damn tight bass that rumbles like it should, and a drive that makes me clinch my jaws and give in.

In fact I had to head over to Bandcamp and purchase it right away. Surely there’ll be a DJ set where I can use this baby.

I guess all three tracks today has some of that oldschool clubbing vibe in them. But really, the groove is timeless!

I’ve added these tracks to a playlist of ours that’s too long been neglected: House For Clubbers. It has no followers yet, but I’m gonna give the list a bit more love the coming weeks, and make it well worth following. So hop onboard!