Silent Sunday #21

Three new ambient releases of the excellent kind – as per usual. Interestingly they are remarkably different from each other – but blends well. And chances are good you’ll like’em all.

Serenescapes – Discovery

A very simple constrcution, but just perfectly so. I love the portamento effect used on the lead synth here. It really lifts the whole track up from being “just another long pad ambient track” to something with a distinct identity. It doesn’t have to take more than that!

It also makes the track really outworld’ish, and those who know me are well aware that I love unearthly vibes 🙂 That, or some deep sea creature of a delicate kind. But really, deep sea creatures are outlandish too, so…

Either way, it went straight into our Ambient playlist. And quite posibly yours too?

BlackWeald – _

We’re remaining in space for sure, but in a much darker atmosphere. While Discovery delivered a scenery of bliss, this one has hidden dangers embedded. Space is a cold, lonely place and this track is just a perfect soundtrack for that scenario.

Minimal, non-melodic, dark, experimental. Oh yes.

Acadjmia – Little Door Blocks

The last one for you today is quite the oddball. Definitely not something you hear every Sunday. An intriguing audio experience of various sounds and segments, neatly knit to each other in a remarkably cinematic and imaginative way.

I find myself sitting and actively listening in a way that I don’t usually do with ambient. I can’t even really describe it well – you just need to hear this.

I so totally dig this track. I want more of this kind of stuff!

All three tracks* are found on our continuously expanding and evolving ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where great new discoveries are collected as we find them.

*(Acadjmia’s track as soon as it’s available on Spotify)