Silent Sunday #24

Today I have three new ambient releases for you that all gives me retro vibes – two because of their flirtation with classical music, the other because it sounds like it’s taken from a trippy 60s series. Why? Check’em out:

Silent Andrew – Nocturne

A shimmering, glittering piece of ambience, described as a “space lullaby” – I love that description.

And it is the fluctuating random notes that makes this track stand out for me – it adds an element of “computer simulation” that spins up a retro-futuristic scenario. I’m entering some sort of weird leftfield 60s TV series scenario here. Or an attempt at visualising acid trips back then. And I’m totally digging it.

Lullabies for Falling Empires – Twins

Here’s something really quite different. A track described as “post rock” (I’ll be honest – the genre is unknown to me but I like the sound of it 😀 ), it’s a composition consisting of a combination of electronic and orchestral instruments. You know, real physical instruments with strings on them and shit.

And here’s the really really fantastic detail for me personally: You can hear sounds from a Casio SK-1 in here! The worlds first keyboard with integrated sampler (1.8 seconds of 8 bit pwnage). Essentially a toy (but a bloody awesome one), a SK-1 was also my very first keyboard, bought for my own savings back when I was a kid in ’85. I still have one in my collection. I’m all warm and fuzzy inside now.

The artists can tell me, “This song is duet with our members Carlos Esparza on synths and Brent Arnold on cellos, with Richard Webb producing. It is based on a sample of one our members humming into a Casio SK-1 in 1995, sequenced and effected with Native Instruments Kore (another outdated piece of equipment) in 2012. Time travel!”.


Christof R Davis – Molecular

And continuing the orchestral vibes, here we have a track that embeds those vibes too. Like a part of a larger classical piece, you would almost expect someone to hit on big timpani’s at the end there, introducing the next segment.

But overall this really is an atmospheric, wonderful creation that fully qualify for our space themed playlist.

Have a Silent Sunday!

All three tracks are found in our exquisitely curated ambient playlist, “Ambient universe“, where we collect the best new ambient as we discover it. Still don’t follow it? Oh come on. It’s proven and documented to replace all medication to fall asleep!