Sleepy Sunday #20

Here’s three new, excellent tracks taken from the stream of recently released ambient. One of them even feature vocals – quite rare in this genre.

Steven Vrancken – Ambient Horizons

First track out today is of the classic kind. Long pads, deep frequencies, abstract visions.
At the same time, there’s something that makes this track differ from many of the others from this branch of ambient. Especially when the string synths start appearing in the latter half of the track it all enters majestic propotions.

Audhentik – Antares

The next track gives me that special association that I love above all: An urban, cyberpunk’ish, late night scenario.
There’s all those little details in the soundscape here that gives me an image of electric car engines, large constructions in sleep mode, neon lit streets and hidden passages.

But of course – for you it may trigger completely different images. 🙂

Emika – Sleep In The Day

The third track today is one I am particularly happy to have found. As mentioned last week, I have long missed the use of the human voice in ambient. It’s quite uncommon and that’s unfortunate cause it can be so, so effective. Like thoroughly demonstrated here.

There’s a David Lynch vibe going on here, I think. Hypnotic, almost chanting vocals blending perfectly with the quiet pads rolling. The piano midway is actually an element I would argue is unnecessary – the dreamlike atmosphere would stand well without it.

Either way, what we have here is a great track from an intriguing artist.

Audhentik does not seem to be on Spotify with this track, but the other two are added to our excellent Spotify playlist “Ambient universe“, where only the best ambient releases are collected as we discover them.