Sleepy Sunday #23

Never a Sunday without a session of Ambient. On the menu today are two fresh releases that I’ll admit are the “classic” ambient sound I earlier have talked about trying to steer clear of – but damn it they are good.
And at least I’ll end with the third track being quite different!

Unknown Observer – Floating… Towards the Light

Classic ambient, this one. And typical a track I’d select for this column for more than a year now. Floating, drifting, evolving slowly and harmonic, no sharp turns, no surprises, no abrupt noises. Just like we want’em.

But it’s not stationary – there’s a lovely progression in this one, at just the right pace. And its these kind of productions that made me discover and understand ambient back then, many years ago. Lest we not forget that.

Lauge ft Baba Gnohm – Distant Horizon

… and speaking of beautiful, harmonic ambient works, how about this one. This is one for the sleepy sessions. Gorgeous work, as always, from the Danish ambient master Lauge, here in collaboration with his fellow countryman Baba Gnohm.

Very melodic, and massive. Prominent feelgood vibes, if space were like this it’d be a very very colourful and safe place to linger.

Inventions – Continuous Portrait

Here’s a real interesting production. It’s a track that I normally shouldn’t have chosen, since it differs from what I normally seek: I don’t want rhythmic arrangement, no earthly sounds, nothing like that.

I want space. Scifi. Otherworldly associations. And for heavens sake: Nothing that resembles a rhythm!

This track diverges from all of that. It’s is as close to the border between ambient and downtempo instrumental it is possible to getfor me – I’m not even sure what side of that border I’d place it on.

But I really love this track. Instant affection. The atmosphere, the sounds, the whole thing. So much so that I want to try adding it to our ambient playlist just to test if it will work. If not, you’ll also find it on our playlist “Chill Lounge” for a long time.

All three are as always added to our “Ambient Universe“, where you find the greatest ambient for space travellers. Hit that heart shaped button, add it to your collection of playlists and never miss out on a great discovery again.