Tear It Down!

A new EP from me, and I shamelessly toot my own horn loud and clear. As usual. I’ll run through the EP with you and share some titbits and trivia on the tracks!

Tear It Down

This is the track that is taken from my upcoming album – the rest is exclusive to this EP.
An exciting collaboration with the talented Berlin producer Eno Thiemann aka Sorry The Hedgehog, he pretty much created the whole track based on my recording of the bass, guitar and vocals. I was intended for it to be a rather back to basics guitar-bass-drums track, but he pulled it far over on the electro rock/indie electronica side of things.

I think his results are downright fantastic. Lovely drive, lovely dynamics and quite the unique sound.

The Road To Transcendency

This is probably the released track of mine that has suffered the most trips back into the drawer, taken up again, back down, up again…

I just could not make my mind up on it. Is it even finished?

The kick drum is deliberately mixed really weird in this one, it’s drawn out to the sides of the stereo scope – totally against all rules. That also makes the track a bit on the defensive, even though the beat is prominent. But it blends well with the floaty theme.

Works best on late evenings and in a dozy mood. Then it “opens up” and shines with the long drawn out pads. It was in such a moment I decided to include it.

Meditative State Of Illusions

Arpeggiators for the win! The birth of this track was of course while playing around with the arp on the U-He Hive. And then I added another… And another… And… Voila.

Very quickly done, only minor alterations after that first session, and working that fast is very rare for me. I don’t really think it’s happened before.

Uncharted Sector

I really love ambient with a futuristic vibe, and this is my attempt at that. And quite frankly, of all the ambient tracks I’ve done so far this is probably the one I am most proud of. I feel I nailed the atmosphere I wanted to achieve.

Fun fact: The vocal snippets you hear in the “radio signal” now and then, is actually from my childhood hero Boy George, taken from a rather obscure recording of a monologue he did back in the late 80s!

Take Me Back

A lighthearted little quickie at the end here. An uptempo tribal/Latin inspired track blatantly aiming for the dance floors and have no other ambitions than to raise the spirits.

The bongos you hear so prominently are proudly played by no other than yours truly. I’m a little proud of that, since I’m not a percussionist at all.
It took quite a few attempts, I tell ya. And I looped the best parts. 🙂