The Chill Lounge #2

I’ve had a focus on the downtempo genres lately, and boy have I discovered a lot of great music. So we will quite frequently visit the Chill Lounge the coming weeks.
However, today I’ll end the selection with an upbeat vocal house track!

Gibs – Thrill is Gone

I get Fatboy Slim vibes over the bluesy vocal sample used here. And it fits just as well as how mr Slim make’em work.

A lovely, laidback groove that just sits so right. Slowly bopping my head while instinctively reaching out for my drink. I wanna groove in this VIP lounge!

Death Hags – The Darkest Night

This track is really quite upbeat for a “chill” session, one could argue it belongs more to a deep house list but damn, the vocals are just so soothing and entrhralling I am sedated by it!

Fantastic track through and through. So much so that I added it both to our Deep Lounge and Chill Lounge playlist. It must be heard!

SOLON – Together All

Ok so this track is over on the dance music side of things. I just wanted to include it in this post since it makes the transition from downtempo to upbeat house that we started with The Darkest Night complete.

And just like the track above, this one too feature a vocal track that really creates a kind of a chill, lovely, dreamy, smooth atmosphere. Like velvet.

I mean, we can’t be stuck in the chill lounge all night, can we? This one prepares us for the rest of the the night!

The first two are added to our Chill Lounge playlist, where we collect the laid back beats that has a distinct classy, underground vibe. Together All is added to our It’s House Music! playlist.