The Chill Lounge #3

Three new tracks with a laid-back attitude. Two more than the last one, a vocal house track that seduces us to the dance floor – in an orderly fashion, though.

Luxgaze – Vivaldi’s Fall

What do you think when I describe a track that blends a deep house groove, an opera vocalist and… funky guitars? Well, you might think that could turn out to be quite an… unhinged affair.

But here it actually works! And the result is, well I’d say “as expected”, quite unique.

But while being different is always a plus in my book, it doesn’t get far if it’s not also good. And this one is. In a charmingly sassy way.

Remy – Enchanté

The next track might be in a more “traditional” shape and form than the first track today (I mean, that doesn’t take much), but still quite unique.

A lovely female vocal contributes to the atmosphere established – an atmosphere that gives me slightly exotic vibes, don’t you agree?

Baile – Won’t Say It feat. Felicia Douglass

I’ll end todays trio slightly more upbeat – this one is simply an excellent piece of vocal house. This is feelgood stuff. This is head-bopping lounge material. Or that beach party we all dream of attending.

Nothing short of a gem, this one. Perfect track for this summer, regardless if you’re a club DJ or a music lover that needs some good fodder for your headset.

“Won’t Say It” is added to our “Deep Lounge” playlist, while the first two are found on our “Chill Lounge” playlist:

You are invited to add both to your collection of playlists!