The Chill Lounge #4

I’ve had a fixation on downtempo tracks lately, so it’s time for yet another comfortable session in the Chill Lounge. Here’s three new discoveries with intriguing vocals!

MAY BBY & Chris Hue – Leave

This first one is really outside the scope of what we usually cover – but it is such a beautiful, beautiful track! When I played this one for the first time I was enthralled from the very first second.

And while writing now I got it on repeat. And it strikes me again: What a gorgeous track! So simple, so elegant… And what a vocal performance. What a voice!

Esbie Fonte, temi vila – Gemini Season

Again a track with an interesting voice. Strong, modern, free. Very cool arrangement and processing of the voice, adding to the attitude of the vocals and lyrics.

Sticks to the head after first listening, and only gets better after several playthroughs.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have been released on Spotify so we’ll have to enjoy this one on soundcloud!

Wheel – Home

The last track of today is still with vocals, but the vocal performance is chopped down to fragments/samples like a glass painting. I really, really love vocal processing like this. I so totally dig it, can’t get enough of it.

But of course, the track is more than the vocals. It’s a smooth, elegant, laidback groove of the highest order.
Very melodic, very harmonic, a dream of a track.

Home” and “Leave” are added to our well tempered chill playlist “Chill Lounge“, where the laid back grooves are collected for your pleasure. Regularly updated – so why not add it to your playlist collection? It’s well worth revisiting.