The Chill Lounge

A lot of downtempo tracks are harmonic and well functioning pieces – but very anonymous. And what I ultimately look for with the downtempo picks I do are the ones that differ a bit from the masses.

Here’s three that did that for me.

Heede – symphony of silence

Starting off very very slow and ambient, just hang on in there and the chill beat will arrive and push us forth.

A dark, dramatic scene unfolds. Big and almost cerermonial atmosphere. Angels dangling up under the glass paintings… Reminds me not so little of Enigma from back in the days.

Cathedrals are not where you too often will find me, but if I were, it’d be the one we can hear here.

Kip LaVie – Brave One

From the cathedral we now head over to a location where I personally feel more comfortable: The jazz club. The jazzy vibes on this track makes it a personal favourite of mine.

A lovely, creative and unique production that holds qualities of extensive replays.
This track depicts a place I wanna hang!

Happy Chillmore – I Need U

And finally, a track that is totally different from the two above again. I’m getting good at this, aint I? 🙂

Again, a unique track. Cool vocal processing – and when the female voice comes in around midway the image is complete. An image of a slightly oriental character, isn’t it?

These three stood out for me – and I hope they do for you too!

All three tracks are added to our small but cosy chill-out playlist, “The Chilled Lounge“: