Deep Cave Exploration

Strap on your cave exploration gear, we’re going in deep!

Silvano Del Gado – From Jamaica To Brasil (Ioan remix)

At the cave entrance greeting us welcome, we find the Italian Silvano Del Gado. And this is really good stuff to get us in the mood. Lovely percussion work at play here! We could easily call this Deep Tribal.

And when the hook starts rolling we know that we will too, soon. Underground, yet very accessible. An excellent track to warm up the crowd.

Pay Kusten – Genoa (Ex-Mono Remix)

We’re leaving the lush percussion behind us now, as we enter more techy and minimal grounds.

Deep, filtered, acidic, progressive. Barely dragging its feet across the floor (surely this must be well below 110bpm?), this is for the laid back techno lounges. But damn, it’s groovy! And when we’re getting to the meat of this track around midway we can’t help but bop our heads in unison here at Beatradar HQ.

We bet you do too?

Markhov – Shimmer

We’re increasing the BPM again, but remain in the rather laidback side of our our deep cave. Never losing temper but steady flowing as she goes. Another smooth and elegant little gem from Germany, now it’s Markhov’s time to shine like a diamond from the deep.

Long chords, calm percussion, yeah this is VIP room material. Or at the after party with good friends and everything on the menu. Yeah, that menu.

Thank you for joining me into the deep cave today. I think I’ll stay here for a while. Safe travels on your way up again!

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where the best underground lounge and deep house tracks are collected as we discover them. It’s grown into a damn fine list now – just check for yourself!