The Deep Lounge

Three quite different tracks on the rooster this Friday – but all within what I’d classify as deep house. Come, let’s go diggin’ the deep with me!

Avra & Ida Long – All the shit that you do

Tracks with vocals have a tendency of tip over on the wrong side of the mainstream border for me.

Not so here. Really unique underground vibes, and really quite intriguing vocals. Really cool processed, and excellent performed.

Mr. Mojo – Trip around the sun (Original Mix)

From a indie electronica / Deep House crossover, we now enter the crosslands between progressive house and deep house. A really appealing groove is provided by the german Mr Mojo. I could of course now crack a joke about him getting my mojo working, but I’m better than that.

So I’ll just settle with concluding that the deep groove is prominent here, and the overall progression is just perfect. A lovely track.

Eroa – Despair

Finally a really floating track from France – although with the deep beat still in place. And that bass – almost chokingly massive. Some may claim I push the genre “Deep House” a bit far now, and I agree it’s a crossover.

Still, there’s just something about the etheral atmosphere combined with the insisting beat that makes me say, “yeah, I’d definitely include this one in a Deep House set”.

And, well… Wouldn’t you?

All three tracks are added to our regularly updated “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect all the best new discoveries from the deeper side of the house pond: