Three outsiders that I just dig

I love instrumental music. Deep, dark, introvert, pounding and driving. And no vocals, other than perhaps a short slice of a sample. That’s real club music. That’s what I’m after for this blog.

But a lot of different stuff arrives in my inbox. And some of them – despite being far from the above described scope of this blog – makes me want to make an exception to our rules.

Here’s three of that kind. One really exotic one, one with a fantastic production, and one where I just simply connected with the vocals.

Wenchi Rue – Tell Me You Love Me

Starting off this trio into the unfamiliar grounds with this vocal, calm beauty from Taiwan. How about that on an underground house blog?

I have never covered a track like this before. And it’ll probably be long untill I do it again. But this arrangement, and the vocals… I fell in love with the whole thing.

Unfortunately we can’t find this one on Spotify.

Hashback Hashish, Toymob & Audio Pervert – 2021

This next track is also quite the oddball in the mix here. A deep, minimal house/techno bed, upon where a vocal track is delicately garnished.

And the vocals here… I love the atmosphere they add to the track. The first time I listened to it the introduction made me think, “ok here’s a deep house track coming up”, and then the vocals entered and I was like, “wtf is this?!”. But soon after I was totally into it, and the rest is history.

LEID Experiment – Hold Me ft. Abby

I’ll end todays trio with a track that’s toooootally different than the above. The exact opposite, even. But it is just so FUN! Forget all the underground club credibility, this is nothing of that kind. It’s just a fun, uplifting, and damn catchy thing – if you dare to let go.

And I do. I crank up the volume while typing this, it gotta be my tenth playthrough of the track today, and I just… Smile!

I smile at the funky ultra-retro lead, the playful EDM wobbles, the 8-bit game soundtrack synth, the catchy vocals, all draped in modern production techniques that makes this a crossover track that spans across DECADES of electronica.

And I dig it. I fucking LOVE it! This is my guilty pleasure of this month.

2021 was added to our deep house list, “Deep Lounge“, while “Hold Me” is found on our “It’s HOUSE Music“.