Turn up the heat, baby

We need to get this week started – let’s do it in style. Here’s three really good tracks that’s turning the dial towards full force – one step at a time. From mid-tempo glitches to disco flirting house and one big mother of a techno track, these should wake you up.

Fermi Lekunde – Sat

Starting off in what we probably can call “midtempo” range, this track is really quite something.

Very unique sounding, elegantly glitched, and overall it just reeks of personality. Our mind easily drifts into the detailed universe this track opens up for – so much so that we may even overlook the prominent beat rolling here, inviting you to take your first steps out on the dance floor.

It really holds a lot of things, this one. Music both for the feet and mind, and a really interesting new acquaintance for me – and quite likely you too?

And if you check out the EP this one is lifted from, “Hydra”, you’ll find 5 other tracks of a simimlar quality. A great release.

Kuhl Kuhl – Do My Thang

Next up we’re definitely heading to the dance floor. A tech house stomper that essentially is of “typical” nature from this genre – but damn it grooves.

A house track heavily inspired by the disco groove, wrapped up in a rather timeless “club sound” that will work just as well ten years from now as it does today. We can’t say that about all club music!

I’m a’ do my thang“, they say. Keep on doin’ it, I say.

BreakCode – Hornet

I hope you’re all warmed up now, cause up next is a track with zero straps holding it back. This is gritty techno the way I like it: Big, noisy, dirty, monstrous in all conceivable ways.

It’s also got one of the coolest cover art I’ve seen in a while. 😀

This hornet STINGS. Over and over and… Omg. I’ll never grow tired – or old – of madness like this.

You can find the first two tracks on our playlist “It’s HOUSE music“, while the last is of course heading our techno playlist, simply titled “Techno Club“: