Two for the top shelf

My love for the deeper side of the house pond remains and I’ve got two new ones today that are well worth your attention. These two are simply extraordinarily good!

Race Banyon – we need it

Yes, yes we do. We need it. The Deep House. But this track is quite something else than what I usually pick:
There’s vocals here… A song! A melody. Yikes! It’s actually quite mainstream.
– “Wut? Mainstream? Yuck – get it outta here!

But wait, wait! This one’s different. It’s cool! The vocals works really well and are not in the way at all. And the main part of the track has that repetitious depth that we love and cherish. And it drops a damn hot underground groove of the finest order.

So it’s a bloody good track, this one. Check it out! You need to!

Fennec – Finding Rest in a Weary World

This second track is also quite extraordinary. Stretching out across a good eight minutes, it’s one of the oldschool club track lengths. Yeah, they all used to be like this back in the days. Sob, sob.

Anyways, the groove on this one is just so insanely solid. And the use of looped samples just sits so right. Smack in the pan!

It’s one of those tracks that, despite the length, I want to just press play on again immediately. And so we should. As good music deserves to be.

Both of these sits proudly in our really good Deep House playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect the deep, groovy and loungy house beats.
It should be followed (and played!) by you too. Don’t be left out in the cold.

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