Beach Club Boogie: The cool house vibes.

Here’s three that takes us from the laidback and jazzy to the happy house grooves. All while maintaining a flair of Beach Club elegance.

Der Waldläufer feat. BaoBao – Inyourmind

Starting off real calm and quiet.

Fantastically atmospheric vocals on this one! I don’t know about you but that groove sure drew a smile on my face. A relaxed, comfortable smile.

Not a worry in the world.

PC Muñoz – All the Time Feat. Matthew Szemela

… And how about this one for a stroll down the jazzy house street?

Such groove, much elegance. Almost improvisational in shape, this jam stretches out well across the 3.5 minutes like a lazy cat in the sunshine.

And judging from the Spotify profiles this one is from two quite undiscovered artists – that’s always extra fun to find!

Greg Korra – 2 Steps Back

Ramping up the tempo with this last track, taking us well over to the dance floor focused BPM range. But the track, although upbeat, still has kind of a laid-back vibe to it, I think. Agree?

Maybe it’s the very melodic nature of it. Or the calm voice. Or the acoustic sounds. Either way, this is how I’d end my House session, climbing from the very chill, via jazzy vibes, steadily steering the ship towards the upbeat house grooves.

2 Steps Back was added to our “It’s HOUSE Music“, while the first two are found on our “Beach Lounge” playlist: