Joy in Repetition

Repetitions! The cornerstone of electronic dance music. Hypnotic, repetitive structures triggers our tribal instincts and makes us go crazy.
Here’s three really good, repetitive grooves.

Sky White – Children of Today

Opening our repetitious session is this gentleman: Sky White… from Mozambique! I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of featuring an artist from that country before.

And quite the track it is! Starting with repeating one single note on his organ, that note stays repeated throughout the entire track. A sweet progression turns up the heat, all while that same note keeps going. So simple, so effective.

… And when the vocal chanting enters the sound stage well past mid way, by then surely you all have to agree:
This is one damn groovy piece of house music!

Claude Vonstroke x Marc Houle – Fly Guy

Two established Americans are beind this mad club bouncer. Long established with each their careers, but they have not collaborated until now. And if you think this track has a very classic vibe to it, there’s a very natural explanation for that, as they told us:

– “Marc sent over an old file that Claude loved, but they both realised it needed to be updated to 2020. The track references back to an older, funkier techno vibe they both love, while updating the production and adding a couple of winks in the process. It’s the ideal combination of Marc’s stripped-down, propelling techno brain and the production funk of Claude.”

And indeed you can hear the influence of their early days reflected throughout. We don’t mind going retro when it sounds like this!

Audiolog – The Revenant

And finally, we’re heading to Denmark for this dark, pounding techno track. One of the kind that really means business. Dark underground business. The kind of business I’m after.

No melody, full focus on the beat. Push the groove. The cold, mechanical, repetitive rhythm.

Oh joy. In repitition!

“Children of Today” were added to our “A Progressive Underground“, while the last two tracks are found on our Spotify playlist, “The Techno Club“, where we collect the best slamming, repetitious and groovy techno tracks as we discover them.