Saturday Sinners: Three tracks to take off to!

Here’s three tracks that – maybe (partially) for each their crowds – are built for dancing. One leans towards minimal house, one towards tribal house and one slamming techno track.

Keel/Over – Keep On Groovin’

Starting this session with one for the house crowd. A classic minimal house groove. Groovy, rolling, repetitive with just the right progression throughout.

Most good tracks are good, period. But in my personal opinion, these kind of tracks really only truly shine in a proper club PA. Not only because it deserves to be played loud, but because of the surrounding atmosphere. That’s where this track will truly shine.

But those of us who know what I’m talking about now, well we can totally imagine the setting and feel some of that vibe also while listening elsewhere.

Dan McKie & Luis Meza – Ayahuasca

Obviously, I love all the tracks I pick for this blog.

But I think I love this one even more than usual, as it has that utterly seductive tribal house groove going. I’m showing my age now but this groove here is what we went MENTAL to back around the turn of the century.

Percussive focus, tribal drums, building and building and just flat out GROOVING. Oh how I’ve missed this groove.

It should be no surprise that this track is supported by Carl Cox. And if you really want to get featured on this blog, just implement this groove in the track and you got a free pass. Oh yes baby.
Let’s bring Tribal House BACK!

Michele Ferrara – Touch iT

I don’t know about you but I don’t really associate Italy with techno. Not at all, actually. So it’s really cool that we’re now heading to said country for the final track for today:

A really quite uncompromising, wonderfully mechanical Italian techno banger!

The first two tracks are found on our “It’s House Music!” playlist, while “Touch It” obviously landed on our techno playlist: