Silent Sunday #26

Three newly released ambient works where the “details on the side” really makes a lot of difference!

Manne Skafvenstedt – Antropocen

The first track today is a fascinating combination of traditional and experimental. And it works remarkably well.

The traditional part of this (the abstract piano play, the pads and atmospheric background tracks) would have worked fine by itself, but damn how much more interesting it gets with the additional processed, looped and pitched samples scattered across the stereo field.

Manne Skafvenstedt is a pianist, composer and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. Working in the fields of jazz, ambient, electronics and sound design.

Kieldfal – Boundary Routes

This next track continues in much the same fashion as the first, with calm piano play over long pads and field recordings. But again it is the extra layer of sounds that adds such important details to the soundscape, like food for our imagination.

A really atmospheric piece of ambient is the result.

Shunkan Idou – As Of Now

And finally for today, a study of long pad harmonics. Quite energetic, this one. Especially with the deep sub bass rolling, almost threatening, like a massive machine right behind the horizon.

And with lovely little details appearing and disappearing from the stereo field, living their own lives, unaware of what awaits them…

Such is my mental image while listening to this one. What’s yours?

All three are found on our ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect all the great new ambient releases as we discover them. Updated weekly!