Silent Sunday #27

Three new ambient tracks, and this time I’m actually going outside of my own scope for the Silent Sundays: Back to long harmonic pads and even… Sounds from nature. I’m really pushing my limits here. 🙂

Kevin Kerrigan – Tides

Starting with a very “classic” track. Yeah. Long pads and slow harmonics.
I know.

I’ve so many times now said that I want to change focus a bit towards the more experimental and maybe less melodic… But then stuff like this arrives in my inbox and I really can not just ignore it.

I mean, listen to this. Isn’t it… Beautiful?

Infralyd – Rain

The next track today is actually a track that I typically would have declined, due to the theme. With “Ambient Universe” I try to keep a futuristic, “space expploration” theme, ergo no earthly sounds like birds, winds or… rain.

And quite frankly, I much prefer abstract ambient to the more concrete weather or nature themed tracks. However, this track really holds such gorgeous atmosphere, I just had to let it pass. I hope you agree.

Ivan Kamaldinov – Noir

And while we’re on the topic of sounds from nature, I’m rounding off with another gorgeous track and what sounds to be birds and wind in the background? The instrumentation is quite outworldish, at least to my ears. Hollow sounds that slovly evolves and paints a harmonic, deep image.

Strangely abrupt ending, though. Hate it when that happens. Maybe it’s continued in the next track on an album?
Either way, this is an artist you may want to keep an eye on.

Noir” is not on Spotify, but the other two are added to our quite fantastic ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“: