Silent Sunday #28

As usual I got three new glorious pieces of ambient for you this Sunday too. And while I have not given up on seeking the more “experimental” ambient releases, I still can’t help myself also still picking those who do the “tested and proven” formulas.

Have a silent Sunday!

Smooth Moon – Summer ’97

I have no idea what happened in Smooth Moon’s life the summer of 97, but is apparently were preddy damn dreamy.

Familiar textures and harmonies for the experienced ambient listener, but the addition of a field recording of frogs adds a welcome layer of originality.

It also, strictly speaking, renders it a bit irrelevant for the “space exploration” theme of our Ambient Universe playlist, but let’s pretend they are space frogs, shall we. 🙂

Because, after all – this is the kind of ambient we all love, isn’t it?

Myself – Familiar

Now here’s a track that totally hits home with my current focus on “futuristic” ambient. The sampled snippets (washed out vocals? winds? Not sure!) creates an abstract image of souls – or memories? Identities in a floating state of being.

Towards the end it’s borderlining being too energetic for the list, but barely holds it on the right side of the threshold.

Great stuff.

Davydov Nikita – Moss in the cave does not grow

The final track today is of a really, really fragile nature.

And offworld’ish. The textures of the harmonies are so thin, so fragile, so tender and solemn. We are totally in a cave now. A delicately lit cave. The images it creates in my mind is of a crystallised structure, deep down on an uncharted planet.

This track will be on Spotify & co a little later – distributed by Beatradar.

The first two are already found on our Ambient Universe playlist, where the best ambient releases are added as we discover them. Updated weekly, this is one list to follow!