The Beach Lounge session

Finally summer has arrived here in Norway. And thus, I felt an instant urge to spin up a beach lounge session. Three new tracks with each their own style, with the common denominator being a laid-back mentality.

Feverkin & Koresma – Skyline (feat. Cuff Malloy)

I’m opening today’s trio with a track that has a kind of a different vibe than we usually hear on these pages. This is a jazzy litle groover. Lovely acoustic feel to this track, wrapped in modern production techniques.

A city slicker late night vibe! I totally want to hang with the folks at this bar.

Akira Gautama – Zodiac

From the accoustic urban vibe, to something darker and electronic. A cool laidback beat rolls behind these odd solemn voice, listing… Star signs?
Ok… This is one of those cases with meaningless vocals that one just have to dig in all their absurdity.

TWOFVCE – Escher

Rounding off with the most upbeat track of the tree. And if the above track has a house vibe, I’d say this one has trance vibes. Very melodic, structured like a trance track with breakdowns and risers and all.

But the atmosphere is still quite laid-back – despite multiple attempts at whipping up the intensity, especially towards the end.

You can find all three tracks of today added to our quite smooth “Beach Lounge” playlist, where we collect the chill tracks as we find them.