The Deep Lounge Club #2

Three newly released deep house tracks that all blends perfectly into the vibe we seek for our Deep Lounge club.

Catatonique – Wayazo

Oh hello there exotic flutes – how I have missed thee. Yeah, not meant ironically. I love these kind of arrangements. A solid, groovy club beat with a slightly exotic melody line on top? Colour me interested.

And damn, how groovy this beat is. In that cool tempered way. This is perfect for chilling at the beach bar as well as groovin’ in the afternoon club.

And the progression! Oh my gods, the progression. A class act from start to finish.

John Amy – Friends with Donnie

Here’s a real classic sounding deep house track. Timeless. A lovely, tight but not intrusive bassline jumps around so light and carefree, as the synth stabs drizzles down like dandruff from a unicorn.

Funny thing is, I think this track could have been on repeat in a lounge for a long time before anyone really cared. That’s how timeless and classic it feels. Like a summary of everything we love about the minimal, deep branch of the house tree.

Paul Tyson – Into The Light

Being the most energetic of the three it’s only natural to round off with “Into The Light”: A melodic, multi-layered journey… Through light, I presume.

And a thought struck me: This track could work very well in a DJ set as part of a transition towards progressive house!

All three tracks are added to our really quite sweet “Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect only the best deep grooves as we discover them.
A playlist well worth adding to your library!