The Deep Lounge: Three on the house

The tracks I have for you today are perhaps closer to the “house” than the “deep” of “Deep House”, but I’d still feature them if I were building a Deep House set. So there.

And, well, per usual on this page: They’re great!

Soundgo – Don´t you know

Swedes and their music is a chapter of itself. The pieces of music that rolls out of that nations music factory is as slick as a car salesman’s hair, it’s the fast food of the music world. Whatever those Swedes touch they leave with this impenetrable layer of commercialism. Just look at what they did to the Progressive House genre. Or Techno. They bloody commercialised TECHNO!

As you can guess, I’m not a fan of the Swedes. Being a Norwegian it kind of is pre-programmed in my genes.
And this track here is a typical Swedish product: Polished, smooth, an irresistible chunk of music with a gorgeous female vocal lead. All very calculated. Deliberately appealing. Not too heavily spiced. Anyone can consume this one.

But… It is lovely, the vibe going on here. In a fast food way perhaps – but damn it, I love Burger King too so who am I to resist this one!

It’s just a very well crafted piece of music. As is the tendency from those over on the other side of our border. The Swedes.

Uone & Western – The Lone Wrangler

We shrug off the Swedish wonderdust and proceed south. Deep South. Down under. There we find the Australian indie-electronic duo, Uone & Western.

This track here takes a good step over on the more electro side of things, but it slender along in a rather sedate though dance-able fashion that works well in a Deep House setting.

Bring Me Sound – Don’t

Rounding off today’s session with a classic house groove. Strong retro vibes going on here. Deep and minimal enough for me to accept it under our “Deep House” parole even if it strictly speaking isn’t. It just works with’em.

I even love the artist’s pitch line for the track: “Just a good old school house track all in all.” It’s that simple!

And that’s all we need, sometimes.

All three are found on our “Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect the best, deepest house grooves as we discover them.