The Underground House Bunker

We’ll go deep down underground today. Down where the mainstream flares never reach.
This is for those in the know. In the wee hours of the morning. Surrounded by air they can cut cupcakes out of.

Sergio Marini & Luke – Illicit (Remix by Esse Effe)

A driving, quite techy house track from Italy opens our ball today. A classic repetitious groove that establish itself quite early, and just circulates around that true underground vibe.

A track doesn’t need more than that. In fact,in this case anything more would have been excessive.

Di.Capa – Twist

And how about this one for the underground vibes? A wonderful, dark, damp atmosphere swells out of the speakers, draping everything around us in trippy fog.

A minimal construction, but not without depth. And as is the case with minimal tracks, each individual component do then play a more important role. We notice all the fine details. We can inspect them. So those details has to be right – or it will be revealed.

Di Capa is from Greece, and stuff like this makes me want to head back down to the Mediterranean sea.

Doc Brown – Invisible

Alright! Time to shake off the hypnotic fog from Di Capa and enjoy the bass line on this mother. It’s to die for. Or kill for. Depending on your nature. But it’s phat.

And of course, we’re still located in solid underground. As is the rest of the tracks where this one is lifted off, “Snoeflakes #9“. A release well worth checking out.

To my annoyance and surprising discovery I don’t really have a suitable playlist for these kinds of house tracks. Regrettably, and quite scandalous actually. And we claim we have an “underground focus”. Pffffft.

So I have started building one. But until that list is a bit more populated I added this one to our quite wide-spanned list “It’s House Music!”. You’ll find’em there amongst a sweet range of other house nuggets.