Three flavours of chill

Here’s three really different downtempo electronica tracks. One big and cinematic, one intimate and vocal based, and one loop based little nugget of a track.

Psybos – Aftermath

First track today is really quite more cinematic and melodic than what I usually pick. Very “synth instrumental” ala the old masters, combined with a serene female vocal. A powerful combo, and a track I just wanted to add to our Beach Lounge playlist.

A truly epic track. I get mental images of massive, drone-filmed landscapes stretching into eternity.

JVLY – Ghostbones

Next track is totally different.

The vocals creates an intimate atmosphere, draped in groovy samples and a touch of lofi that adds to the very fitting “home recording” vibe I get from this.

A very exciting artist to discover. Great stuff.

Haelium – With You

And here we take a totally different turn again – this time to a really cool little oddball from France. A journey through loops, essentially. Built upon a breakbeat groove. That’s never wrong.

The result is a track that is really quite hypnotic in all it’s repetitiveness – and I mean that in a good way. I love to get lost in grooves like these.

Three worthy additions to our “Beach Lounge” playlist, who really are starting to get in shape now! This is your playlist for the summer lounge moods.