Three for the groove of it

Here’s three that has full focus on the groove.

No melody lines, no singing, none of that nonsense. Just a beat. Bam tikka bam tikka bam tikka bam tikka crash, tshktshkthsk – tikka-tikka-phunk… And I love it.
Melodies are only there to cover up a sucky beat anyways, right?

So enjoy these three glorious percussive creations:

ItaloBros – Viento (Brodyr Remix)

Classic house groove in the bottom, sprinkled with a pinch of tribal groove on top. We need no more than that. We don’t want more than that.

It just keeps rolling, and rolling, and rolling and oh my gods, must it never stop! There’s just something about the confidence behind tracks like these. Resting on nothing but the groove delivered.

And it works. Oh yes. It works. Like it always has – and always will.

You know, there are times when I scan my inbox for new submissions and I listen to all kinds of “future this” and “bass that” and I’m like, “what the fuck happened with the club groove! Where did it go?! No bloody wobbling reversed chopped bass motherfucker can replace a solid GROOVE!”

And then stuff like this pops up and I can lower my shoulders again… “Ahhh – theeeeere it is. Come to papa”.

Bæn Gen – FSV Edit 04

Oh holy Mahogany: What about this groove then. Tribalistic percussion really pulls this one up to the absolute peak hour material. This thing here will set the floor on FIRE!

And like I mentioned earlier – I really miss stuff like this. I imagine there was more of these kind of tribal beats 15-20 years ago. Just, why? This is timeless material! We’ve been dancing to grooves like these ever since we first started slapping on animal skins in a rhythmic fashion. And we bloody well can’t stop now!

I had to instantly head over to Bandcamp and purchase this baby for my own collection. And you should too. This stuff here – this is what I want to hear from y’all!

3moxx – Move Your Feet

And with the last track we’re shifting grounds, from the heated tribal house over to the chilly techno side of things. Fundamentally different groove, more stripped down and reserved – but oh yeah the coolness!

I mean, this one just reeks underground elegance in a dirty shack.
I wanna be there. And I’ll move my feet exactly like that.

All of todays tracks are added to our “It’s HOUSE music!” playlist, where they reside with a good handful of remarkably dance worthy underground house music.