Underground techno? We got you covered.

We’re going down dark and gritty today. Down deep underground, to the club where the cold, mechanical techno is worshipped.
Here’s three worth checking out.

MSTRBLSTR – Are We Living In A Simulation? (Fractal mix)

A filtered lead enters the soundscape and twirls around in an acidic manner, while a twisted, dark voice scatters around. But it’s the break here I particularly fell in love with. It’s mental. Totally mental. The riser is like… Goosebumps on the goosebumps.

After that we dive head first into a dark, gritty, filthy and dirty acid techno creation of perhaps a more conventional character, but still one of the better I’ve heard in quite a while.

… And that break in the beginning? Daaaaymn!

Linus Quick – Beteigeuze

We shake off the most gritty trails of acid while still remaining in acidic waters. It’s of a more polished nature. More tidy, this is well greased and tidy mechanics from Germany. And dark, of course. And underground.

And massive, it’s MASSIVE! A pompous bastard of a track. This is fodder for the big techno parties. The ones where we really don’t give a fuck and that’s totally fine. There’s not much else to say really, other than crank up that volume dial!

Immørtale – Radical Misfit

And finally – what little there is left of straps are now pulled off the wagon.

This is head on banging. Headbangers ball. This is harder than what I usually go for here on Beatradar, but there just was something special about this track.

It follows the basic formula for hard techno, still the constant fluctuations and variations lifts it up to something even a techno weakling like me have to admit is cool. And it starts off so intense that one might think that it remains on that insane energy level.

But nooo – it just keeps building! And building like CRAZY!

And just bring it on, Immørtale. Tonight we dance to your thunderous madness.

All three tracks are found on our increasingly dark, stomping and mad Techno playlist, where all our great techno discoveries are collected: