Up for some deep beach lounge vibes?

Here’s three that I had to add to two of our playlists, as they linger elegantly between our “Beach Club” dream scenario as well as the more underground “Deep Lounge”. Be prepared for three smooth tracks that works equally well in the background as being the focal point on the dance floor.

Gaspare De Vito – Spirituality

First one is really deep. Like, deep deep. And gorgeous at being so.

A groove that’s there, but not too prominent. This one can work both in the background at our imaginary lounge as well as for the dance inclined amongst us.

As a rather introspective piece of work, experimental without losing grip on the accessible, this is one of the better tracks we’ve encountered recently from this area of electronica.

Antlr – Rude Party

We continue on the deep side of the House pond, but are wading towards a slightly sunnier port.

This is Beach club material in my ears.
I want this one rolling in the background while I decide on what sugary colourful ice-crammed long-drink I’ll go for next.
With a cherry on top.

Athlete Whippet – Every

I’m rounding off this mini house session with this funky little charmer from the UK. Incredibly groovy in a funky disco kind of way, this one sets out to get your feet moving. Clearly the most bright and sunny of the three, this works well to end today’s session on a high note.

Lovely details in the rhythmic arrangement, snappy and playful as can be, lovely progression – but without ever leaving the fundamentals of the track. No surprises, no sudden moves away from the established groove. Luckily.

All three tracks today are added to both our “Beach Lounge” playlist as well as the “Deep Lounge” list, where all the best deep grooves are collected as we discover them: