What I want more of

Here’s two tracks that are a bit different from what you usually hear here – but that’s not my fault!

CONTXT – Relics

Breakbeat. A genre I’ve always been loving since I was introduced to this style back in the 90s. For a long time there was plenty of producers creating these kinds of gritty, stomping, massive tracks, all to my enthusiastic glee of joys.

But all of a sudden all that stopped. And today breakbeat seem to be a rather small niche – even though it has much of that same energy that is found in more recent trending genres like the bro step/dub step kind of sounds.

Not that it ever were mainstream – the closest ones to make them so was probably Prodigy – but now it’s really rare and far between I hear any such tracks.

And that takes me to this first track of today – a bouncing, dark thunder of a breakbeat creation that really push our sub-woofer to the max. It’s also a track that is a few steps towards the leftfield side – a true underground creation, this one.

And I want more of the stomping, massive breakbeats. Got one in the hopper? Send it to me when it’s done!

Deal Breaker – What you said, I did.

This next track is something quite different – but what’s intriguing with this one is that it really is a fantastic blend of genres and really hard to pinpoint. Is it deep house? Disco house? Downtempo? Or – as Deal Breaker labelled it – minimal house?

It has the vocal groove but lacks the energy level of a disco track, it has the beat but lacks the depth of a deep house track, it has the vibe but are too upbeat for a downtempo/chillout track, and it’s repetitious but too melodic for a minimal house track. All according to my perception, of course. I’m sure there are other opinions on this.

But the point is – it’s amazingly crossover, without being blend or “not enough of anything“. It works so well!
So well that I added it both to our “Beach Lounge” and “Deep Lounge” playlists. Not sure what list it’ll remain the longest on – we’ll just have to try and see how it works!

I want more of stuff like this. Stuff that goes outside the genre definitions, that are a bit hard to pinpoint – and sounds fantastic.

Relics are added to a breakbeat playlist we are currently building (more about that later) but Deal Breaker is added to the mentioned two lists!