Ambient Wednesday? Madness.

So what’s happening here – have I finally lost it? Ambient is supposed to be Sundays, right?
Well, the case is that there’s been so many fantastic ambient releases lately, so I simply have a surplus in my pipeline. Gotta serve’em goodies while they are hot out of the oven!

Salar Niknafs – Point of Departure

Starting off with one of the “cyberpunk” ambient discoveries of mine. Not that “cyberpunk ambient” is a genre (yet?), but I am really on the hunt for ambient tracks that gives me the cyberpunk vibes, with keywords like: Dark, futuristic, experimental, alternative, underground. And I find this here.

The bass is what builds the entire foundation of these associations. Potentially threatening but also reassuring. And repetitious like a machine. And the combination of stringy instruments on top creates a fantastic contrast that builds this track to become something one will remember.

A fantastic release from an artist largely unknown.
This one deserves support by the ambient community!

TROVA & Dashii- Life and Death

Trova is one of the favourite ambient artists on this site. His way of colouring the canvas with gorgeous washed out colours simply puts him in a league of his own.

And this track is no exception. Simple by construction, traditional to the core, effective in all it’s beauty.

One simply can not ignore Trova.

americanjunky – Shallow

And speaking of traditional ambient, I’m rounding off with this dreamy creation from the US of A, mr Americanjunky.

And, well, if his trips result in pieces like these I guess we all should be thankful and enjoy the fruits of his addiction. 🙂

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