And now… For something completely different

For me, this blog is a journey. I really hope it gives something to you too of course, but I know that it has taken me places musically that I’d not discover without the blog as the driving force.
And here I have collected three with a sound that I don’t think I’d stumble across had it not been while searching for music for this blog.

Rose Brokenshire – All Of The Things

My first track today gives me clear associations to probably my biggest pop discovery in years, Billie Eilish. Rose is definitely no copycat, but she has that same vulnerability in her voice and arrangement on this track.

A quiet, utterly harmonic and calm piece from the deep woods of Canada. Literally so; although growing up in the city it left her with a vast desire to be closer to nature, ultimately leading her north to become a Forest Firefighter! How cool is that?

A gorgeous track that is so totally outside the scope of this blog (and largely, despite my said fascination for Eilish is really quite far outside the scope of my own listening habits too).

And if you like this one there’s more where this came from on her Spotify profile.

Drinker – Pretend You Don’t

Another quiet track with a great harmonic vocal – this time male.
And this is probably a good time to explain my own preferences a bit: I’m not that into vocal based music. Generally speaking I find it much more exciting to delve into an instrumental and fill out the mental canvas with whatever images my mind produce.

That’s the reason why tracks like these are such exceptions for me. Tracks driven almost entirely by the vocals. But, well, when it is a gorgeous as this, how can one not fall for it.

Not to say that the instrumentation in this case is anything less to notice.
An overall elegant and unique sounding production across all the layers.

Martin Rott – acapulco

This last track has a kind of a slow start. But once it does properly begin, almost a minute into the track, it reveals itself as an intriguing piece of music.

Accessible enough to be pleasant to the ear and mind, but with this weird, vintage feel of old movies and heroes of times long gone.

Lofi, deep, quiet, melodic. And with bucketloads of technical produciton details along the way that makes you stop and wonder. Wonder in awe over this weird little construction.

It’s a track you need to let sink in. But man, what a wonderful creation.

All three tracks today are added to our Beach Lounge playlist, where we collect the calmer, more relaxed tracks. A list that should work perfectly to accompany you during barbecue with friends or simply chilling in the sun.