Deep Summer Vibes

I’m having guests over at my house next weekend, for an outdoor barbecue.
So I set out to find some good new deep house to have rolling in the background. Not too dark, not too introvert – but still deep and underground.

I believe I succeeded!

Hessian – Feels Like This

I’ll start our virtual barbeque party with this rather calm, but oh so lovely little groover.

Mild vocals are softening what there would be left of sharp edges to the vibe, giving us a smooth sauce with just the right level of sweetness.

So chill that it can work equally well in a chill-out list, actually. So we added this one to our Beach Lounge playlist as well.

Kousto – Guadapipi

Next up a quite spicy, uplifting and sunny vibe. Loop based, wonderfully repetitious and gorgeously groovy.

And let’s focus a little more about the looping on this one. Cause it’s so explicit. And it’s all there is. But it works like crazy! This is house music how we like it here at Beatradar. Especially now in the summer.

What a fantastic find.

Kuzey – Tides

At our imaginary barbecue party we’re heading back inside now, as the night chill is starting to establish itself. We’re rounding off today’s session with perhaps the most energetic of the three, at least the darkest. And with a lovely, lovely deep and minimal groove.

And the bass! A bass that invites to cuddles and beyond. Perfect for an indoor lounge.

All three are added to our quite exquisite Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge“, where we collect the creme de la creme of the deepest grooves.