Diversity at the Beach Lounge

Here’s three tracks that’s so fundamentally different from each other that it’s an admittedly geeky pleasure to add them all to the same playlist. And it works!

Welcome to our Beach Lounge.

Massane – Droplet

It starts off in deep house territory, but this little beauty offers more than just a sweet deep groove.

A very successful combination of calm piano play and a synth arp spins a layer of melodic elegance that takes us places. Somewhere worth dancing to. In an orderly fashion, of course. This is nearly five minutes of friendly feelgood vibes.

Helax x feat. Sidsel Marie Soholm – Technoir (Soulstar)

Any of you guys remember the “Spin Spin Sugar” remix from what must have been around the mid 90s? The looped vocal here made me instantly recall that good old club gem from Armand Van Helden.

A lovely, 100% electronic drive, layers upon layers with arps, but still a more organic vibe and a very different atmosphere. Quiet, almost a bit melancholic, still something to bop our summer sweetened heads to at our imaginary beach lounge.

Wild Anima – Forgive

Rounding off today with a call to the wild. Here’s a track that really stretches the scope on this blog, “underground club electronica” to the max. But we need to make exceptions now and then, and this track here is one of the better reasons we’ve heard in a very long time to make an exception.
This track is just so… etheral. And enthralling.

And while the artist, Wild Anima, is French, the album this track is lifted off was partly developed during her artist residency in Iceland.

Yes, Iceland. Oh shocker, right? Either it’s Iceland that does something to people, or it attracts a certain kind of people, but it instantly sounded “Icelandic” to me. Like everyone gets a few droplets of Björk in their blood during their stay.

Here’s her background story for the track: “It was originally a part of my live set that was meant to be total improvisation. After almost every show i had people coming to me saying that specific part was very special and that they felt something different. Along the various shows i played i kept doing this part receiving the same kind of feedback and it ended up becoming the song.

What an artist.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge”, where all the best downtempo tracks are collected as we discover them. It has grown into a diverse list of fine tracks, and should make the perfect backdrop for many a gathering this summer!