Groove Is In Da House

Let’s kickstart the new week with three smashingly groovy tracks.Tracks that trigger the DJ in me. Here’s three of the kind, fresh from the “new releases” bin!

NOCUI – What Do You Want

This track has a vibe that’s just so cool.

But don’t get fooled by the chill vocals! This one is a solid groover. A lovely house drive that keeps pushing all the right buttons.

CutWires – Glottal Stop

And speaking of grooves… Oh yes. This one is all about groove. Plenty of it. Filled to the brim. And the vocal chops? I’ll never grow tired of it. Never.

Technically this is also a track with the sound to my liking. Very dry, sharp transients, it’s just so crystal clear out of the speakers.
That sounds especially good in a PA system where the reflections in the surroundings adds reverb to the sound anyways. The clarity shines in such a setting.

So all in all, this is typically a track I fall for both a a DJ and a club music lover. And I did fall for it. Dig it.

Cazztek x Masteria – My Mind

I’m rounding off today’s session with a stomping tech house track. One could accuse it for being very traditionally so, but damn that acidic lead synth riff – I just so totally love it!

Just imagine this one slamming out from a massive PA, with lasers flashing in the groove of that lead? Daaaaymn.

The first two tracks are added to our “It’s HOUSE Music” playlist, where the best sunny, groovy house tracks are collected as we discover them. And “My Mind” were added to our slightly harder hitting “House For Clubbers” playlist, for those of you who need an extra level of energy to wake you up.