Keep It Simple, Silly!

Here’s three tracks that keeps on hammering each their hooks until all our barriers are demolished and we give in to their primal seduction. Another thing they have in common is that they are quite true to the old-school vibe.

And I can applaud that when it’s as good as this. This is how to build tracks for the dance floors!

Sasha Troy – You Got Me

Uplifting, bouncy house FTW! Classic vibes going on here, in this creation by the North American artist Sash Troy. A lovely bass guaranteed to rock subwoofers properly.

And I love the simplicity of these kind of tracks. As we will hear an example of in the next track too. This is how to build a track for the dance floor. Too many layers and details may expand the longevity for the track, but in regards to pumping up the dance floor the old saying is never more true: “Less is more“.

Jerome Robins & Melleefresh – Mamita

And here’s another one that’s classic dance floor material. A drive that keeps pushing, drilling into your head, rumbling around in there ’till you’re dizzy.

This is solid club music built by experienced producers. You just hear it. Only with experience do they get the confidence to keep rolling without falling for the temptation to add more to the mix.

It’s just right – and they know it.

Truth x Lies ft Austin Hennessey – Other Side

I round off with a track much further over on the techy side of things, but the same simplicity still applies.

An insisting electro theme keeps churning in perfect blend with the spoken words. So simple, yet so madly groovy. In that mindless, crazy club vibe when we for a few hours need not worry about tomorrow and just dive into the beat.

And, of course, if you offered a pill I’d pop it just about now.

All three are added to our quite thumping Spotify playlist, “It’s HOUSE Music!“, where they reside with other dance floor friendly tracks!