Monday Madness: Techno time!

I love techno. Duh – we all do, don’t we. But within the techno genre there’s plenty sub-genres. And while I can enjoy most of them there’s something very special to me with the heavy hitters, the stompers, the massive mechanical monsters.

And here’s three particularly good examples of massive German constructions of the most mechanical kind. But wait… Are they really German?

Victor Zala – Saronic

Dark, mechanical, and utterly hypnotic. This gives me all the right associations – both to underground club scenes Matrix style as well as massive, German construction halls.

But this track is not German! It’s from Moldova!

Surely that must be a first on this blog. And if this is representative for the Moldovan techno scene then by all means, BRING IT ON, Moldova!

Murat Ugurlu – Paranoia

And speaking of dark, we are now going from dark to pretty much pitch black. And mechanical. And really, really solid techno of the “ordnung und sauberkeit” German structure.

… But this one’s not from Germany either! This monster is from Turkey!

Now, Turkish acts are something we’ve covered before here on Beatradar, but it’s still cool to hear productions like this from a predominantly muslim country. I guess there’s more to that country whan what meets our eyes through the mainstream press.

What a mad, mad track. I’m sitting here with goosebumps all over.
Murat, bro’ – keep pushing the beats!

Gero Jansen – The Power

And finally. We can’t leave this session without actually featuring a German artist, can we?

Gero is a true German. And this track is so totally genuine. Check this out: Every single sound you hear is created by Gero, including the vocal samples. And the Kick is an apple that is clapped against an apple! And of course heavily processed.

This is how techno is done. German techno. <3

All three tracks landed straight on top of our Spotify playlist “The Techno Club“, where we place only the finest pieces of hard hitting, true techno.
Add the list to your library and discover new techno with us!