Silent Sunday #32

Ahhhh – finally I’ve discovered ambient tracks of that “futuristic dark” vibe that I have talked about for weeks now. Here’s three of my latest findings – and there’s even more to come the coming Sundays.
You know what they say, “watch this space“!

Gino Pavan & Guido Frezzato – Twin Lite

A hollow, glassy lead builds the foundation of this track. A track that is sprinkled with little details of similar, fragile textures.

It eventually evolves into something very melodic and more dramatic, and what a surprise when the violin enters the soundstage! From then on we are deep into soundtrack land. The soundtrack of a futuristic landscape, of breathtaking discoveries of strange new worlds.

Saddle up, space cowboy.

MXBG – Departure

And how about the opening of this track! Is that a cyberpunk train affair I hear in the distance? And the various voices… We must be at a station or hub of some sort? Or just downtown in Cyberia?

It sets a dark, futuristic scenery just perfectly. Fantastic atmosphere.

This… This is what i am on the lookout for these days!
Futuristic, imaginative, cyberpunkish.

Jack Quinn – The Card

And what do we have here, of not even one more of that same vibe! I’m extatic!

The sounds of computing power, terminals running and churning their numbers makes the backdrop of this atmospheric gem of a track. Dark, lonely, a space where technology is valued higher than humanity.

And in the distance, the sound of dark skies and thunder. Of course. It must always rain in our cyberpunk fantasy.

Three perfectly suited tracks for our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the best ambient creations as we discover them.
The list for space travellers.