Regression to Progression

Progressive House. For some reason – and I strongly suspect a certain Swedish trio to be the cause of this – new producers have started calling mainstream pop tracks with a house beat for “progressive house”, and polluting the genre while doing so.

To hell with that. THIS is Progressive house. Please, let there be a regression to progression!

PLTX – Create

The German act PLTX has just recently delivered this timeless release. A track that rolls, swirls, hypnotize in a properly classic deep underground fasion.
This is the vibe we could keep dancing to for days, back in the wild early 2000s.

And yes – we still do not want this particular party to end.

Matchy – Wrong Turn

Matchy is a well established name on the electronica scene, and is known for his collaborations and remixes with famous acts from all over the world. He has numerous gigs under his belt across many acclaimed European, North and South American clubs and festivals like Sonar and Love Family Park.

Here he delivers a driving and groovy affair that builds and builds and builds, layers upon layers upon layers… Without ever overdoing it and getting bloated.

Excellent craftsmanship.

These two gems are added to our excellent collection of real Progressive House, a collection you can access via our Spotify Playlist “A Progressive Underground“.