Silent Sunday #29

Sunday. The quiet day. The perfect day to introduce you to three new ambient releases with a low, low energy level.

Andreas Söderström – Ålderns tröst

Ambient piano is not something I usually share here on Beatradar. I like my ambient more floating and washed out.

But here the piano is used so delicately that it blends perfectly into the canvas. And what a picture that is painted on that canvas!

A grande image of a vast space. Interstellar? That’s up to you to interpret. As for me, I am in space now. Closing in on an exoplanet yet undiscovered.
Our new home?

Austin Rockman & Dark – Tape322

This next track is quite the find. A more experimental vibe is on offer here, and incredibly imaginative. I don’t think I’ve heard anything like this before.

Quite dark, are we deep down in the seas now? Or landed on the exoplanet mentioned above, and discovered things are not quite as we expected?
… Or are we simply haunted by ghosts from the past?

Either way – this is one atmospheric new ambient release.

Eithreog – Genuflexion

The final track for today is equally wonderfully different. It gives me associations to time travel in progress!

Sounds like a full track in reverse – it’s so I am tempted at trying to reverse the track and see how it sounds then.

What images pops up in your head when listening?

All three are sitting proudly in our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, the playlist for any ambient lover. Weekly updated!