Silent Sunday #30

Three great new ambient releases on the menu this Sunday too!

I’ve often said in this column that I wan to focus on tracks that diverge a bit from the “long pads in slowly evolving harmonics” formula and seek the more experimental grounds.
But damn it, it ain’t easy when gems like these pop up in my inbox. So yeah, more “classic” ambient ahead. But they are… Lovely.

Andrew James – Cobalt (#4974A5)

Maybe the most melodic of the three, Andrew James serves us this delicate little beauty.

And when the lovely, deep bass enters around half way the picture is complete. A very cinematic and slightly dramatic piece, yet always keeping the energy level at bay.

Human Is Alive – Lost

Another lovely, slow travel through harmonic lands.

But it’s what goes on in the distance that fetched my curiosity here. Lovely little details that dance around deep down there in the landscape.

Details like that adds so much valuable space to the soundscape, opens up the track like a three dimensional picture.

Slowburner – Nebula

This last one might be the most “different” of todays trio. At least initially. What is it we hear? Bird wings flapping in slow motion? Or heartbeats, pitched down…?

I love details like that. Organic sounding things of an utterly abstract nature. And when the micro-detuned bell sounds enters the sound stage, well then I’m sold. Perfect imperfection.

(EDIT: It appears that the version I were sent were the video soundtrack with added sound effects. The intriguing sound I describe is not found on the Spotify version of the track. Bummer! Still a nice track though.)

All three findings are of course added to our Ambient Universe, where only the finest, new ambient is collected as we discover them: