Silent Sunday #31

There’s no silence like the Sunday silence. At least not when we can enjoy new releases as excellent as these three. Time for a new ambient roundup!

Simon Posford – The Hobbyist

First out is a track that is really quite something for a couple of reasons, but primarily musically:
An excellent exploration of filtered loops, experimental while maintaining accessibility; sounding like nothing else yet instantly something we get into.

But also, this track comes from no less than half of Shpongle, this late 90s/early 2000 phenomena that you really, really need to check out if the name is unfamiliar to you.
A fantastic duo, but indeed Simon is really demonstrating his abilities also as a solo artist.

The track is lifted from the album “Flux & Contemplation – Portrait of an Artist in Isolation”. You need to check that album, it’s fantastic.
Quite likely the most positive outcome of Covid thus far.

Indistinct Chatter – Swings

Here’s another real interesting one. This one is a fasfcinating combination of traditional and experimental. Old and new. Starting off with a sort of drone signalling. Evolving into futuristic, computerized harmonies. And then… A string quartet!

And all of a sudden we are located in an odd universe, a mashup of times long gone and times not yet reached.

An intriguing find.

George Johnston – Awe

Rounding off this session with a “classic” drone ambient track from the New Zealand artist George Johnston.
Silent, harmonic, no sharp turns, no abrupt interference. Just calm, calm, quiet harmonies, slowly evolving, carefully, silently…

Are you sleeping yet?

These three tracks are all found in our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where we collect only the finest ambient tracks as we discover them.
Regularly updated!