Sunny At The Beach Lounge

Welcome to our beach lounge!
Today we have for you three instances of classic chill-out vibes for your listening pleasure. You can safely enter our waters. Perfectly tempered and there’s not a stingy object in sight.

Tahüm – Suelo

Starting out in the US of A: A sensual, elegant, deep affair of long chords, sassy beats and smooth sailing. There’s just so much of this track that is so classic of what I fall for.

Tahüm offers some properly groovy beats that reminds me of one of my absolute favourites on these kind of genre territories, namely Kidsö.

Kahika – Mutual Gathering

… And how about this one for lazy summer vibes! What a gorgeous, exotic summer sound we get here.

Kahika is from New Zealand, and when they tell us it features “the sounds of New Zealand nature as its atmospheric bed, and draws inspiration from the natural world around us and shows gratitude and openness to the intimate relationship we have access to as kiwis” we totally believe every word.

I got a strong feeling I’d love it in New Zealand. And not to go political on y’all but I already dig their Prime Minister, she seems to have her head properly connected. 🙂

Kola – Beyond Me

And finally, we’re off to Canada for this last track from me today.

A warm, calm and utterly harmonic experience of a laid back atmosphere. Classic chillout vibes. Feelgood to the core.

An obvious track for an elegant lounge session in the summer sun!

All three tracks are found on our increasingly attractive Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge”, where the proper summer waves are collected as we discover them.