Synthwave Saturday!

Let’s visit the world of retro beats again, shall we? Synthwave has always had a strange fascination on me, much more so than other similarly retro genres.

With today’s trio I start off with ultra-classic eighties, then slowly drifting towards tracks with a more modern production style – but with at least one foot remained in the eighties.

Pootie Beats – Supernova (Feat. Zhao)

First out, a track that really lives up to the title of our synthwave playlist, “More eighties than the 80s itself”. This track has such a thick layer of eighties swept over it that the vocals almost completely drowns in all the eightiness.

So it’s just spot on what we seek. This is why I cover synthwave on this blog. I wanna jack a car in GTA Vice City right now and just cruise with this one on the car stereo. On repeat.

Louis Jarto – Good to You

And we’re not drifting very far off the classic eighties sound here either. But with a slightly more modern sounding production, technically. Some aggressive compression going on here, making the track sound more like a remix or remaster of an 80s track.

But the arrangement and vocals are so good here, and so true eighties vibe, that I had to look past that and add it to our playlist still.

Cashforgold & Sidewalks and Skeletons – Char (Crystal Castles Cover)

And finally – a track that really blends 80s, 90s and modern audio production. Trance synths ala 90s club music, compressed to death aka this decade club productions, but still with a very 80s synth pop arrangement, very much helped by the gorgeous vocals. Oh angels, come lift me up. I’m ready.

But guys – a little easier on the compression dial next time, please? 🙂

All three tracks are added to our quite well sounding Spotify playlist “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself”, where all the best synthwave discoveries resides. Hit play and step back in time!