Techno Thursday: The soundtrack of 2020 is here

Three tracks of the dark and unforgiving kind. That’s what I have in store for you today.

As dark as they get. The soundtrack for 2020, really.

Arman Shadow – Berlin Blau

Arman sets the atmosphere with this dark, deep techno track. Never going off the hinges, it steadily builds in a hypnotic fashion, and when the percussive layer is introduced right after half way, well surely that will ignite the floor.

Definitely one for the darkest techno clubs out there.

XYdamage & Plebber – Cardiophobia

And continuing on the deep side of the techno landscape, this Danish duo delivers a proper beat for our underground techno bunker. And the progression in this baby is really solid. Mechanical as the largest German industry machines.

And that overdrive/distorted and filtered lead synth that are looped? Damn, that thing is cool! So simple, so effective, so very very… Techno.

An intense – and quite unique – techno production that really whips up the energy level.

MidiCrew – RoughBreak

The last track today differs quite a bit from the first two, as we lend one foot towards more tech house grounds here. But the intensity is real.

Gives me significant old-school raver vibes, this one. A blend of rave and what we back in the days called “Hard House” – a genre that has since disappeared again.

Either way, it was fun to find vibes like these again!

All three tracks are found on our proplerly slamming Spotify playlist, “Techno Club”: