The Deep Lounge Awaits

I’ve learnt to appreciate deep house more and more with age. There was a period I needed more energy. I wanted peak hour vibes. Full throttle. And while I still do appreciate those kind of tracks, my horizon has expanded a lot with time, where deep/minimal house are one of those areas where I really have had a lot to catch up to do.

Here’s three utterly elegant deep house tracks from the “new releases” bin.

Teepee – Around It (Remix by Koltbach)

A strange, solitude atmosphere in this one. Intriguing.
It’s danceable, a solid deep house groove is in place here, but I found myself stopping up and listening to this one. Like, really listening. A gorgeous but melancholic atmosphere.

To be honest I don’t know if I would have played this one as a DJ. I’d rather play this one in my livingroom, sit back and close my eyes. We’re lucky this track stretches out across a good eight minutes.

Cross – Lie to Me

Funky, minimal, elegant.
That’s how I’d summarise this one in three words.
And there’s something about the minimalist groove here that so totally spoke to me. Quite a techy and cold beat, with a contrasting organic vocal on top. Such a killer combo. As fully demonstrated in this track.

But it’s also a groove that is ridiculously funky! In an utterly irresistible way.
This is good stuff.

J. Falcone – Into the Dark

Deep, dark, monotonous. I’ll never grow tired of that. Not when the monotony is like this. You don’t want change when what you have is perfect.

Notice the bass-line here, 100% static throughout the entire track. One note. One pattern. Not a single detour from the path. The only diversion is when there’s no bass-line at all. It comes, stays, and leaves again. There. Done.

Oh god how I love minimal music.

All three tracks are added to our increasingly epic Deep House playlist “Deep Lounge”, where we collect the real deep house and dodge all the cheesy stuff others call deep.