The Deep Lounge: Where we want to be

We both like it there so let’s return, shall we? Where? Oh, but to our Deep Lounge, of course! Three new releases worth taking note of.

Sumsuch feat. Will Brock – She Walks On Water

A lovely, soul infused house track of the deep kind. Bright, summerly vibes, still quite melancholic and introvert. Solid, calm bassline that supports the vibes.

But it’s the jazzy, improvisational piano play that fetched my attention here. Simply fantastic. It really is the star of this show. I’m not a fan of piano in house music as it’s usually used in such a generic way. This piano sequence though, now that’s a completely different ballpark.

A gorgeous track.

Sarge Malone – Negative Octaves

And the deep, but tasty vibes continue here, with the creation from the UK. The beats are light but with a sub-bass that shakes the floor in a snakelike movements.

Very dreamy vibe going on here. Hypnotic. Like good Deep House so often is.

Drew Dapps – Ya Dig Me

We’re increasing the energy level on this last one though – as I often do in these sessions. This one is definitely designed for the dance floors.

We’re still safely sailing on the deep and minimal side of the house pond, of course. But the groove is very prominent here.
Just like how we’d like to end our sessions… At the Deep Lounge.

In time of writing we could not find “Ya Dig Me” on Spotify. But the other two are added to our magnificent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge”, where they reside with other excellent species of their kind.