There’s no kick like a techno kick

It’s techno time! I don’t think there’s any genre that has a bigger focus on the kick drum than this genre. And here’s three tracks that’s not beating around the bush.

Mike Redfields – Helix

Deep, repetitive, dark and mechanical. That’s techno. The slowly evolving themes ensures a progression, but above all it’s the continous pounding that is the center of this piece.

A proper underground track, yet still quite accessible? I’d describe it as so.


Ready for more kick drum? Then check this juicy kick! Fantastic punch.

The track is however of lesser energy level than what I usually fall for, and is in periods drifting dangerously close to something melodic. But, of course (since it’s listed here) manage to steer clear that pitfall.

Either way, this track is quite the melodic journey, elegantly stretching out over a good seven minutes. Maybe a track suitable early in your DJ set? To build momentum for the coming hours.

Gotshell – Gate One

And if Paradox was a tad on the light side for you: Say hello to Gate One.

You will welcome this monster with open arms. An acidic, snarling monster of the darkest kind. Out the window goes anything that sounds melodic, all focus on the intense kick.

This is what the underground techno clubs are built for.

These three tracks are all found on our Spotify playlist “The Techno Club”, where all the best dark, snarling and slamming techno tracks are collected as we find them.